How To Add or Change My AOL Mail Login Screen Name?

Aol Mail-Login-Screen-Name

AOL Mail Login Account/screen name

AOL Mail Login: AOL mail is a free web-based email service that provides many features to users. It is also well known for providing the best emailing service and providing the user.  

With AOL mail, the users can send, receive emails, play AOL games, stay updated with the news, and much more. AOL mail is one of the safest and secure ways to share emails and can be used personally and professionally. Also, the users can access their AOL mail account from anywhere and at any time quickly and straightforwardly. 

AOL mail enables your users to customize how they write emails, manage their incoming messages, customize the interface of their inbox, and so much more. Moreover, the users can add or change my AOL mail login screen name. However, if any user faces an issue or fails to add or change the name, they are recommended to go through the complete information provided below. Thus, with the help of the steps described below, it would get easy for all users to add or change my AOL mail login screen name. 

For every AOL mail user, their AOL username is their unique identity to access the services offered by AOL. The users have AOL email addresses; the first part of their email address written (before @) is their username. However, for those with a non-AOL email address, their complete email address is considered their username.

Being an AOL account user, one can create up to seven several usernames for a single account. However, it may vary on the plan and the type of account the user has chosen. However, if any user wishes to add or change my AOL mail login screen name, check out the details below.

Steps to add or change AOL Mail login Account/screen name

AOL Mail-Login-Screen-Name
AOL Mail-Login-Screen-Name

All AOL account users are assigned a unique identifier that enables them to access AOL’s features and services quickly. However, some users seek ways to add or change AOL mail login screen names. So, to make it easy and straightforward, all users are recommended to follow the steps discussed below.     

  • First of all, visit AOL’s official website.
  • Note: The official site of AOL is “”
  • Note: Make use of the smartphone or the system to access the official website. The users can also download and install the AOL app from the App Store or play store on their mobile phone.
  • After this, wait for the login page to open on the screen.
  • Then enter the username and the password of the AOL mail account.
  • After successfully entering the login credentials, the users are recommended to click on the login option.
  • After that, click on the “Profile Icon” and tap on the “Settings” option.
  • Now on the top right corner, click on the “Edit” option.
  • Then the users are recommended to select a new screen name for their AOL mail login account in the required field and hit on the “Save” option.

So, through the help of the adobe-mentioned steps, it would be easy for all users to add or change AOL mail login screen name. they are suggested to get in touch with the AOL customer service team for assistance. 


In brief, AOL Mail allows its users to change their AOL screen name whenever they want, as long as they sign in with their login credentials. However, to change the AOL login screen name, the user needs to go to their email account and log in. Thus, by navigating to the settings of the AOL account, the users can change the screen name of their AOL account. The steps for changing your AOL screen name are listed above. Therefore, after reading this post, we hope that the users could change the screen name on their AOL my account successfully. However, if after applying the steps, the issue persists the same, then get in touch with the professionals to change or add the AOL login screen name.


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