How to Forward AOL Mail To Gmail?

How To forward AOL Mail To Gmail

Forward AOL Mail To Gmail

AOL Mail User Question 1: “We are looking for a solution to export email folders from AOL to Gmail. Can you help us find a secure solution?”

AOL Mail User Question 2: “I used an AOL email client in my previous organization, but now need to use Gmail in my current organization. Do you have any suggestions to start transferring AOL mail to Gmail?”

AOL Mail is AOL’s free online email service. In 1993, America Online (AOL) and Delphi began bringing their web email services into conflict with the browser. In 1997, AOL Mail became the world’s most popular ISP with 9 million subscribers.

Gmail is a free service from Google. Anyone can open Gmail in an Internet browser using third-party tools to help configure it using POP/IMAP protocols.

Of course, let’s turn now to the manual approach to importing AOL messages.

How do I send AOL to Gmail 2019 using some free methods?

These instructions will help an individual find a solution for the query ‘How to export AOL email folders to Gmail’.

  • First, copy any email you want to forward from the AOL Mail Sent / Spam folders to a folder called AOL Mail Saved Mail or another custom folder. Emails in drafts and spam folders have not yet been moved.
  • Then sign in to your Gmail profile.
  • Third, deviates to accelerated settings on Google. 
  • Now click on Settings in the next step in the list.
  • Then select the Accounts & Import tab.
  • Then select Import Email and Contacts. If you’ve recently forwarded an email, tap Import from another address. The import dialog then appears.
  • Enter your AOL email ID under “Which account would you like to join? “.
  • Now, hit Continue.
  • Then enter your AOL Mail Security Key using the password you entered for
  • Next, tap “Continue”.
  • Make sure that Import Contacts and Import Email are checked. To receive messages in your AOL account, copy all of your inbox items to Gmail for a month. Then tap Enter New Email for 30 consecutive days.
  • Lastly, hit ‘begin import’ and tap OK.
  • This approach is useful for both technicians and beginners to solve the “how to export email folders from AOL to Gmail” question.

How do I restrict the automatic sending of AOL?

  • First, log in to your Gmail account with the correct details.
  • Then click the settings gear icon in Gmail.
  • Third, press the settings in the next popup. 
  • Now, tap Accounts and Import options.
  • In the Import email and contacts section, next to the profile that you want to restrict receiving messages from, click Stop or Delete.
  • Finally, tap OK to confirm that you want to restrict the import of emails into your Gmail account. The email address will be deleted immediately.

Cons: The above method of exporting AOL to Gmail is very tedious. Synchronizing the approach takes time and never leads to satisfactory results.

A professional approach to exporting email:

This approach seems invalid for better results. But fear not, users can use the AOL Backup tool to automatically forward AOL messages and calendars to Gmail. It is easy to admit that this tool is packed with advanced features that almost no other tool has.

  • It downloads AOL messages to the hard drive in separate file formats like PST, MBOX, CSV, PDF, DOC, DOCM, AOL, HTML, MHTML, PNG, TXT, etc.
  • This program does not delete copied messages based on To, From, Subject, Bcc, Message Body.
  • Internal alternative to pause and resume for preferential control of the backup and backup process.
  • This software ensures that no data synchronization errors occur during the migration process.
  • Saves AOL messages in PDF, DOC, and DOCM files for better communication.
  • You can easily transfer AOL messages from email services to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Office 365, and more.