Install AOL Desktop Gold

Install AOL Desktop

How Can We Install AOL Desktop Gold on Windows?

Install AOL Desktop Gold is a computer-connected paid application that amplifies security with speed. If you think about installing this software, you have to download the 91 MB file. AOL Desktop Gold It will support your software for easy work without any interruption. Users can install the software via a link. Most of the users operate this software worldwide. Users enjoy watching movies, reading the news, and chatting about emailing many more things they like to do.

This is a great way to send and receive emails with nice features and options. Now, users can use it for sending or receiving emails, browsing on the internet, and searching for content. It is the top one. There are many interfaces available to access emails. It will support Windows to enhance the security systems by upgrading the automatic features as well.

This software has a trial option as well. Users can check the option and install it in the trial period. If you like it, install it in the proper way. We provide easy steps to understand it.

The AOL Desktop Gold Trial Option is Available 

Follow these steps :

  • Visit AOL .com or sign in to your AOL account
  • Go into the “administer Subscriptionoption 
  • Click on “Premium plans “.
  • Find Desktop Gold from the menu.
  • Now tap on “Get Start“.
  • Users are able to download desktop gold on their pc.
  • Double-tap on the downloaded file. 
  • Users accept the terms & conditions
  • Follow on-screen points to install successfully.

Users should try to install the AOL desktop gold free trial version. The trial version comes with 30 days of premium features and online support as well. 

For Windows devices, start the menu and check for these hardware and software essentials. Examine software-related items which are needed to install the application.

  • Need Device Speed: 266 MHz or above
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Standard Screen: 1024 x 768
  • Space on RAM:   1024 MB (minimal)
  • Required hard-disk -space: 512 MB (minimal)
  • Install Agent: Any Windows supporting web browser
  • Internet Connection: Wireless, DSL, or broadband

Others Feature Which is Related to Install AOL Desktop Gold :

Users can look into these Remarkable Features

  • Discover Desktop Gold Installer 

If a user has installed the Desktop gold on the desktop screen, it is easy to start with the installation. Users can navigate the folder where they installed the application to move it to an easily accessible location.

  • Open AOL Desktop Gold Installer

Now, users have to double-click on the desktop gold to install the filter, press the run button to give permission for the software to install on the device. If users want to import old mail or other Desktop Gold data into their new Desktop Gold program, they must first click the import button. 

  • Complete the Verification Option 

Users may check a file that imports saved data on your device. It may ask you to allow them to complete the process. You may see a file of imported data saved on your device. It may even ask you to allow the process to complete. Users begin the process of downloading AOL Desktop Gold software time of the procedure, you have to enter all credentials asked for verification.

  • Finish Installation Procedure : 

Follow the instructions to proceed with the Desktop Gold install process. Now users get the message for completing the installation. Its message comes on the home screen.


  • Users Can Install AOL Desktop Gold on Android Device or not?

No! Users can not install Desktop Gold on any Android or iOS mobile phone.

Desktop Gold software only supports PCs, if users are trying to install the software on their mobile devices, the installing process will not be supported on mobile devices.

  • Is this required to upgrade the Software?

Yes! Otherwise, the Desktop Gold may stop working after a few minutes. Then it’s required to install the latest version.

  • Is it necessary to have a good Internet connection to use the Software?

Desktop Gold software is a server-based application that has all its information stored on its server, including your mail, chat, favorites, contacts, and even Desktop Gold login details. Make sure users have a stable connection with a high-speed internet connection. To access the software without any interruption.

  • Can We reactivate the Account?

Users can always re-activate the Desktop Gold account at any time. Just need to log in to the email account to buy the membership again for AOL Desktop Gold. You have to use your active card details to buy the membership. Just reactivate your account.

That’s all! Now AOL Desktop Gold is your default email client.

If users have any doubts in their minds related to software, they should definitely read these questions and answers. All the queries will be clear at the moment. We provide the best support for Download AOL Desktop Gold, our support system is always there. If users have any problems with this, please let us know. Our support team is present 24/7 for assistance. Connect with our support team if you want instant solutions.